In dicart, the Organeah brand embraces all products which, for various reasons, have a significant vocation to minimize the environmental impact.

Organeah is the tangible representation of the efforts that over the years have been dedicated to the research and improvement of products based on sustainability.

Thanks to the various certifications obtained, sustainability passes from the declarations of principle to the concreteness of the products. Dicartgroup offers its customers multiple items, which cover the various production and logistical needs, such as packaging materials, reinforcement materials (microfibres, non-woven fabrics, canvass, canvas, brushed canvas, drill, EVA, NW technical), as well as and decorative fabrics (suede and microsuede) accompanied by FSC, GRS, RCS, GOTS certifications.

Supports & Reinforcements


Cotton Drill

The drill is synonymous with robustness.

DRILL GREGGIO and DRILL LIGHT are produced in 100% cotton, GOTS certified.



Supports & Reinforcements

EVA reinforcements

We want to introduce a new generation of extruded reinforcements (EVA) unique of its kind, created to contribute to respect for the environment, made with 100% recycled non-woven fabric supports and extrusion compounds coming from a careful selection of recycled products. . GRS certification in progress.

Supports & Reinforcements


A line of brushed cotton reinforcements, obtained from entirely recycled raw materials, whose cotton fibers from recycled sources, do not contain toxic substances and guarantee the production of an article with a low environmental impact.

The fabrics, in addition to being excellent reinforcements, are characterized by a particularly soft hand and are available in numerous thermo-adhesive versions.

Supports & Reinforcements

A revolutionary material

Dimensional stability, total lack of hygroscopy, durability, combined with flexibility, ductility. These are the characteristics that have always been sought after by leather craftsmen in the creation of models and especially in the production of bags. Now it is possible to use an innovative material that can be skinned, split and glued like a crust or a bonded leather.

PRIME is the only biodegradable reinforcement for leather goods and footwear.

Designed to have a soft and sustained hand, a high tear resistance and a high degree of stability to hot, cold and humidity cycles.

CT is a new reinforcement whose raw materials are entirely recycled.

CT is GRS certified.
The basic fabrics, in fact, are made up of cotton fibers from recycled sources

Supports & Reinforcements


The so-called knits are used both in leather goods and in footwear to obtain round and soft effects.

Dicart offers two types of Heavy and Light knits, both made of 100% recycled polyester fibers. The chain of custody is undergoing GRS certification

The Magline can be supplied with polyurethane-based thermoadhesive for a rounder and more elastic hand or with EVA-based for a more sustained hand.

Supports & Reinforcements

Micro_base DMF free and PU water based

Micro_Base DMF Free is the ideal support for the skin or for other applications where resistance, flexibility, lightness and consistency of performance over time are required.

Seen under the electron microscope, the stratification of the Micro_Base is equal to that of the leather, an important characteristic for giving a “rich” hand, while resistance, breathability and lightness make it a superior and unmistakable product.

Supports & Reinforcements


The 20/24 cotton canvas is a GOTS certified cotton canvas, it is used in both leather goods and footwear.

GAR is a very soft brushed cotton, mainly used in leather goods. It is GOTS certified.

Both the cloths and the GAR can be supplied with polyurethane-based thermoadhesive for a rounder and more elastic hand or EVA-based for a more sustained hand.

Sia le tele che il GAR possono essere forniti con termoadesivo a base poliuretanica per una mano più rotonda ed elastica oppure a base EVA per una mano più sostenuta

Supports & Reinforcements

Wrapping papers

ReCart is the only wrapping paper for filling and packaging, which manages to harmonize recycling, production, respect for the environment and productivity, reconverting biomass, supporting farmers and producing with zero impact to create added value for local communities.

We are talking about a pure cellulose paper, obtained exclusively from the waste from the processing of sugar cane (therefore without the cutting down of any type of tree) and produced with clean energy, resulting from the use of waste from the processing of rice.

A soft and very white wrapping dedicated to the world of leather goods and luxury bags cut to size, according to the customer’s needs. ReCart is an exclusive of artgroup spa.

Agricell represents the wrapping paper for filling, FSC certified and 100% recycled, which every day contributes to making the planet cleaner. The raw material comes from selected waste, mainly coming from glasses for drinks, coffee cups and paper plates; all strictly post-consumer.

A soft and very white paper, which combines recovery, commitment and quality at a level that is unique in the wrapping paper market. Agricell is supplied in the classic sizes for leather goods and footwear in customized reams.

Inspiration & Design

Textures collection

In addition to Supports & Reinforcements, Organeah also consists of a decorative, aesthetic part, mainly intended for the creation of uppers, for the construction of boots and sneakers, but above all for the external side of bags and small leather goods.

Inspirations, produced with the same sustainability bases, where the customer decides the last touches of a unique product.


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