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Dicart group spa, it’s a dynamic florentine Company’s, serving the leading companies in the production of fashion accessories, leather goods and footwear. Our head office is located in a unique position. Within the district with the highest concentration of know -how in the World for the production of luxury leather handbags, luggage, wallets, belts and shoes . Only here you can find the inspiration and the ability to translate creativity into unique products .

The cooperation and mutual trust, which binds us to our clients, often leads us to share the various stages of design – from prototype development to engineering stage – and to suggest them the small necessary adjustments to improve performance and reduce assembly time. But not only: we like to suggest most of time some new perspectives that bind raw materials, printing effect and an up to date look to any fashion accessories.

In doing our job, we try to predict market behavior, guided by curiosity and a spirit of innovation, respecting people and taking care of the environment.


We strive every day to deserve the title of ” Partner of the Fashion System ” ; a habit of mind which becomes daily practice, providing each client “the right product at the right time.”


If factors such as skills, flexibility, innovation and creativity are the main assets which determine the quality and excellence of Made in Italy, however, they are not sufficient to ensure market competitiveness. In an increasingly interconnected World, the strategies of the supply chain are essential. Only the strategic management of the supply chain generates competitive advantages. dicartgroup want to respond to this need, making use of different experiences grown up in the several fields: style, production and marketing. All those experiences gained in leather goods, in the textiles and footwear are used as a nursery for new ideas and as and productive glue at the service of its customers.

The strength of the company, is based upon several characteristics: from the long experience of its collaborators who are able to satisfy the needs of every customer, from the ready stock availability of the necessary products to the production needs, from the customer service and from the logistics, which guarantees fast and timely deliveries. If the organization is critical, the product is crucial as well; this is why we are tenaciously oriented to the material’s scouting. Thus with our suppliers, we have a real parternship, based on a mutual trust , which is a prerequisite for the continuous search for innovative solutions and high value-added raw materials.

products and productions

The Company has a well-stocked warehouse, from which any customer can draw from the ready, a series of products including:

  • materials for reinforcements such as bonded leather, microfiber base, extruded thermoplastic materials, composite materials, canvases, brushed plain weave fabric, Jersey, TNT ( each material can be thermoformed and adhesive)
  • suede and the latest generation of microfibers
  • cardboard for pattern making, “leather cardboard”, fibrate, “pulp-wood”, laminates, folding papers
  • materials for padding, wadding
  • tissue paper for stuffing, FSC certified, recycled and virgin; printed tissue paper, available in format and in a variety of weights and colors
  • special papers
  • packaging products “safe-pack”, such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, bags
  • accessories, quality zippers
  • lining materials in micro suede, drill, moire

Over the years, the Company has also taken root in the production of decorative materials. Focusing on sustainable bases with minimal environmental impact, we began a journey in search of glossy, opaque,
animalier, optical, floral and so on effects, all based on a unique and non-reproducible aesthetic.

Our graphic department creates and develops the sketches, using the available workstations. Images are printed immediately on large format digital printers; both with UV and water based technology.

The calenders are then able to couple the various supports in order to reach the support required for each fabric or they can protect and finish by giving a peach touch, matt, gloss and so on.

During each phase, the internal laboratory intervenes to test and direct the production in compliance with the parameters required by customers.







our attitude: certifications

What inspires us every day in making economic decisions, are not only economic parameters, but also ethical considerations , social and environmental issues;

dicartgroup is grs certified

The Global Recycle Standard is the standard promoted by the non-profit organization Textile Exchange, whose goal is to make the textile sector increasingly sustainable through the use of good production practices.

A textile industry whose goal is to protect and maintain the environment and improve the quality of life. In particular, the GRS has the stated objective of encouraging the use of recycled materials and also aims to encourage the reduction of the consumption of resources (virgin raw materials, water and energy) by defining production standards for companies that work in the textile sector, such as to guarantee ethical working conditions and a reduced environmental impact.

The first step towards a circular economy.

Certified by Control Union CU1058459
dicartgroup s.p.a. is certified to the GRS, which certifies
recycled material from the source to final product.

Certified by Control Union CU1058459
dicartgroup s.p.a. is certified to the RCS, which certifies
recycled material from the source to final product.

dicartgroup is rcs certified

The Recycled Claim Standard is the standard promoted by the non-profit Textile Exchange, whose main objective is to enhance the use of recycled materials.

RCS provides an environmental declaration verified by a certifier, which proves the authenticity of recycling in the materials produced.

All products that consist of pre-consumer or post-consumer recycled materials can be RCS certified.

Maintaining traceability throughout the entire production process, in accordance with the criteria set, is one of the peculiarities of this rigorous standard.

dicartgroup is gots certified

The Global Organic Textile Standard is recognized as the most important standard for the sustainable production of garments
and textile products made with organic fibers.

The set of rules was developed by leading international organizations in organic agriculture in order to guarantee the consumer that the textile products obtained comply with stringent environmental and social criteria.

GOTS, responding to the strong demand for common production criteria by the industry and the distribution of textile and clothing products, has obtained a vast international recognition that allows those who produce and sell organic textile products to have available a certification accepted in all
major markets.

The Forest Stewardship Council ®

dicartgroup spa is FSC ® certified; The Forest Stewardship Council® is an NGO of international significance and has, as itspurposes, the proper forest management and the product traceability. To date is the primary assurance mechanism about the origin of wood and / or paper. An FSC-certified product, can only be made with raw materials from forests where they were respected the stringent environmental, social and economic standards, where the forest is managed aiming to protect the natural environment, bringing real benefits to the people, local communities, workers and ensure efficiency in economic terms. To sell its products with the FSC ® label is necessary to obtain the certification of the so-called chain of custody, which involves tracking.


dicartgroup spa is certified to ISO 9001; the reference standard for internationally recognized quality management. This type of certification, ensures an organization’s ability to structure and manage its resources and its processes in order to recognize and meet the needs of customers and a commitment to continuously improve that capacity. The certification is issued by an external organization that verifies (through the analysis of the documentation and carrying out inspections) the existence at the initial time and the permanence of the system characteristics of the quality management organization.


Dicart group spa is ISO 14001: 2015 certified; the international reference standard that establishes the requirements of an environmental management system of any organization

The legislation measures the ability of an organization to comply with its environmental policy and to comply with applicable laws to limit pollution and to constantly improve its performances.

In dicart the Organeah brand embraces all the products that have a significant vocation to minimize the environmental impact.

Organeah is the tangible representation of the efforts
that over the years have been dedicated to the research and improvement of products based on sustainability.


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