Sustainable packaging
for green fashion

The Shieldea line is the daughter of sustainability and brings together all the products designed for the packaging needs; in fact, the tubular for belts and bags, envelopes for clothing, envelopes designed for accessories, envelopes and tubular designed for metal elements and many other products made using numerous types of FSC certified paper are available.

Sustainable packaging is packaging conceived in such a way as to create the least possible environmental impact and which at the same time performs its functions of protection and information in the best possible way. Saving of raw materials, simplification of packaging, use of recycled material, facilitation of recycling activities: these are just some of the meeting points between sustainability and products.

The packaging sector is undoubtedly one of the areas in which care for the environment, production and economic aspects find an important space for discussion. It is here that Shildea wants to offer its important contribution to a greener world.

In recent years, the environmental awareness of each of us has finally taken steps to bring about a change and has prompted the relevant institutions, communities and companies to take concrete actions aimed at environmental sustainability.

Plastic as a cheap and durable material has had and unfortunately has an ever greater impact on the environment, especially on the oceans, where millions of tons of plastic waste end up every year.

It is necessary to work hard to combine the highest level of protective efficacy for products with a reduced impact on the environment. This work requires continuous evolution of packaging and all those who care about the planet know this very well.

The Tubular for belts or small objects

Until recently, the need to protect belts, shoulder straps, chains and much more relied on plastic-based materials. The Shieldea tubular made in multiple widths and types of paper is able to meet the demands of resistance, sturdiness, softness and practicality while keeping the object to be protected unchanged over time.

It is an absolute innovation for the market. It is the first 100% paper tubular ever produced, which maintains the classic performance of the plastic tubulars in use today. The possibility of varying the weight and the type of paper used, combined with the perfect adhesive closure of the tubular, allow us to offer an inimitable and superior quality product. Thanks to these distinctive and innovative characteristics, it has been the subject of a patent application as well as a design registration.

Shieldea: solutions for the world of clothing and accessories

From the initial stages of production of each item of clothing or each fashion accessory, up to the display needs in the shop, Shildea paper bags protect Made in Italy effectively and beautifully, thanks to different types of FSC certified paper.

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